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Tired of being told by professionals that they don't know what is wrong, what to do, or that nothing else could be done for your illness or dis-ease? Paying thousands in medications, supplements, or different regimes? And are you sure they are even working? Maybe you are just tired of being confused by all the information and trying to figure out what is best for you! That is where we come in!


Our passion is to help you TRULY become well, feel better, and find support all in one place. It's that simple.


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Helping people live more satisfying and rewarding lives is what really excites us! And by offering

MULTIPLE specialties, we can cover many areas of wellness to create a comprehensive, Integrative Wellness Solution for you!

At the root of how we operate is the Total Body Wellness Scan (MSA) so we can see exactly where in the body, and in your emotionals/mentals, that there are imbalances, acute issues or chronic dis-ease.  The MSA scan has found CANCER, PARASITES, and other issues, even before conventional diagnostic tools have in certain cases. From here, we can then more accurately suggest services or products that will help you!


We believe we each all have the answers we need, and sometimes, there is just too much noise, distraction, pain, or dis-ease that gets in the way of hearing and feeling those answers clearly.


We also KNOW that even when we DO have the answers, we then tend to believe other experts, forces outside of ourselves, or lack of trust in our own solutions and answers. I believe we each have the ability to access those answers, growth opportunities, and paths towards our higher self (essence) and knowledge, and sometimes we just need a little support along the way.

Not feeling well sucks. Being sick sucks. And feeling confused, upset, in pain, or helpless is even worse!

We can help!! 


Our work doesn’t JUST focus on mental health, emotional balance, physical well-being, or any ONE part. When we focus in on just one area, we often miss the totality of needs for alignment and wellness, OR we don’t reach maximum potentials, because we aren’t being attentive to what the whole Self is saying and needing. Our work focuses on the whole you (Self). Mind. Emotions. Body. Spirit. When those are all supporting each other...that is when lasting change and TRUE health and wellbeing can happen.


We are PASSIONATE about your wellbeing. We want so much for you to feel good, be inspired, and live the life of your dreams, or even the KNOWING that it is possible. We believe with our entire being that we can each access so much more than we allow.  You not only can feel good, but deserve to feel great!


On behalf of all of us, we welcome you to stepping into your own TOTAL wellness, you CAN be well now, and we can't wait to be of service!


Sabrina Rojek signature coach and educator

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