Disclaimer: MSA is a powerful adjunctive physician's tool that can be used to improve our understanding of the total health of the body. However, because MSA has not been validated by randomized controlled clinical trials. It is not intended to replace regular blood, stool, or urine tests that your physician may recommend.

Who Can Benefit


Anyone can benefit. Please see contraindications below. 


This test would benefit anyone interested in examining and improving the functional energetic status of their own bodies. This applies to those who are unwell and looking to improve their health as well as those who have no diagnosable illness but would like to optimize their current state of health and possibly prevent future negative health issues.


People that feel they are at the end of the rope. While MSA and Protocols do not replace a physician's care, they have been found to bring about balance and wellbeing for many clients when they were told that traditional medicine could no longer do anything more for them. 


Anyone interested and getting to the root cause of their issues and not just treat the symptoms.



Not Recommended For:


  • Pacemakers - Cannot administer the scan if you have this device



Summary of Benefits


Summary of MSA’s primary benefits: 

•     A fast, accurate, repeatable, and objective health-profiling tool

•     Painless and non-invasive—no blood or urine is drawn for this test

•     Assesses the relative compatibility of various pharmaceuticals, supplements, and other remedies for your individual condition

•     Determines which of many toxins, bacteria, viruses, or parasites may need to be addressed.

•     Identifies reactions to foods, chemicals, and environmental toxins.

•     Can be used to bring all body systems into balance, by identifying the key areas of imbalance and then appropriate remedies

•     May also be used to monitor your progress and healing over time, as well as to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of supplementation and medication




​Did you know that nearly 60% of Americans are on prescription medications? Did you know that on average they are annually paying between $1100 and $1300, and this is not including cancer or other big diagnoses? Wouldn't it be nice to actually be healthy enough to no longer need some of these medications and be able to take nutraceuticals or nothing at all?



  • Initial Comprehensive Body Analysis

This two-hour session focuses on full medical, nutritional and environmental history. Through the MSA Scan we search for chronic infections, toxins, allergies, system imbalances, notable nutritional and hormonal deficiencies. From there protocols are suggested to bring balance, nutrition, and to help support your systems into wellbeing. Will also review other modality possibilities to support the rest of your Self and create a program that will bring about the change you are wanting to see in your life. Cost: $185


  • Follow-Up Comprehensive Body Analysis

After initial scan, there will be monthly follow-up scans needed to track your progress. When it is agreed that you are at a good point, scans can become less frequent and more for maintenance. This scan is approximately 1 hour,  to do the scan (20 minutes), update current state of wellness, symptoms, and outcome, and to review current protocols and make adjustments as needed. Cost $105


  • Introductory Body Analysis

This one-hour option for initial testing focuses primarily on identifying hidden infections and the presence of toxins—often the most critical issues to be addressed in any chronic health situation. Cost: $105


  •  Focused Analysis

This 30-minute session provides a specific focus on any one of the following areas (cost - $75):          

    • Hormonal, Glandular, and Emotional Balancing       

    • Emotional Response and Balancing

    • Food or Environmental Sensitivities

    • Toxin Identification and Elimination

    • Immune Function and Pathogenic Factors

    • Nutritional Scan and Supplement Balancing – to review all current supplements and determine which ones are balanced and working well vs. those that are unbalanced or need changing to another formula.

    • Dental Stressors

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